Friday, August 1, 2014

Reinvented Copper Charm Bracelet

 I am the queen of junk jewelry collecting, I wish I was the queen of putting it together into fun new creations, but I am afraid that isn't so.

That being said, I do sometimes jump into my huge stash of junk bits and make something fun, usually to sell, but sometimes as a gift.

When I found a key chain with this Bingham Canyon emblem, I got excited because it was copper colored, though the pic makes it look brassy, and I have a sister who LOVES copper.

Our father was also born while his parent were working a boarding house in Bingham Canyon ... so seeing this was the birth of her birthday gift idea.
 I had sorted all my charms and bits that were copper colored into one drawer thinking that someday I might make some copper jewelry for sis.  This week I dug through all that, finding the horse emblem above and since my sister owns horses and a stud service named, Angel Arabians, it seemed like a perfect addition.

 Stretched pennies were also perfect additions, like this one from Utah's Dinosaur Land, and there was also one from the copper mine!
 I added other bits of copper, including a ring and a heart ... then some glass beads in oranges and a sweet glass elephant with his trunk up for good luck.  Today I am going junking with Joyce for her birthday outing.  Then we will have lunch somewhere and I will give her gifts .... all of them are copper, as usual, and antique.  She is getting two tiny copper luster pitchers, and the copper horse off of an old weather vane.

I can tell you all about it and not worry about spoiling the surprise, because she is a non electronic girl.  She goes to the library once a month to read emails ... I can't imagine that personally, but it suits her!!
Happy Birthday little Sis!

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