Tuesday, January 26, 2016

3 Dotters Vintage Show And Me, Fleaology

Just past another vintage sale. I love participating in these sales. This one was 3dotters run by my friend Jenn!  
Set up day was Friday, and I have to say that putting a booth display together is always a highlight for me. 
You gather things you think go together and when you get there you arrange the big pieces and display pieces.,, 
Then you decide which area suites each type item group you've gathered. It's not hard to tell the common element built around this table and shelf. 
This is the blue area and includes the globe subcategory. 
This area has some blues, but pink is the main, and what better for blue and pink than baby stuff! The beautiful 1800's blessing dress got a lot of attention. 
I wish I'd had it to back when I was blessing my babies.  The one I used was a gift I felt obligated to use. Small regrets. 
I'd been busy crafting Valentine goodies. 
Like this ' i love being loved by you' window!  It got lost with out a white wall behind it  and is now going to Treasures. 
On Saturday the booth was full pretty much all day. 
Of course having friends stop by is the best!  This is Kim with one of her purchases, that was a highlight. The blue tag is what Kim paid for a kit of vintage goodness from Jenn Reed, the owner of 3dotters.  The kit included an old ballerina cake topper, the old photo card and other smalls. The photo in the kit is one that Jenn evidently bought from Treasures as indicated by the penciled price info. Dealer 47W is my friend Wendy who moved out of Treasures Antique mall 7 years ago!   I love that I know all of the last three owners of this photo card. 
I also love customers who dress up to come to shows. This couple is so fun and retro. In fact they own a shop on Main Street in American Fork. If you know the name let me know and I'll edit and credit them!  
Of course, like anything else, good neighbors make for good times!  This is Lyn, artist and furniture makeover girl extraordinaire!  She makes all my 3dotters shows extra fun!  Thanks Lyn. 
And look at the amazing steampunked lamp I bought from her for my bedroom!  

Vintage shows are the best, and when I'm not in charge they are just that much more fun!  Thanks Jenn for your amazing show!  Don't miss her next show onApril  23rd!  I know I won't. 

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