Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Red and White Antique Bathroom Style

Hi all, just thought I'd take a moment to share my new master suite bathroom. 
This is peeking in one direction...
This is the other direction. 
Now inside, we are starting on the right of the door and will then go around the room clockwise.  I love the short stool I got from my friend Jann. 
Next is the old claw foot tub. 
Another shorty stool. 
The cabinet I use as a lenin press. 

Here's the mirror we engineered from a window, after hubs saw a faux version at Hobby Lobby. 
Last of all is the old sink I found at a second hand store.  The 50's glass shelf came home from the antique mall. It's the perfect size for the spot. 

Thanks for your interest in our projects! I have enjoyed this project so much. UuI hope all the red and white has gotten you in the moon for Valentines!! 

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