Saturday, January 9, 2016

Block 100 Antiques

I was out junking with friends this week when someone suggested a stop at Block100 antiques in Provo! 
The owner had stopped by Treasures, the antique mall where I work and had told us about their relatively new venture, and I'd resolved to drop by ... 
Lots and lots of wonderful primitives fill the store. 
The Evans' also had a popular store near my house when I lived in Orem 20 years ago. 
They sold off their business back then and moved out of state for some adventures!  
So it's super fun to have them come back!  They were always well known for their amazing quilts and they still don't disappoint. 
This is the grill from an old car. 
And who doesn't need a buffalo head? 
Lots of antique and vintage goodness! 

I thought both of these quilts were stunning. Their quilts mostly run from $100 to $300. 

As we left with our bags of goodies we checked out their amazing farm table. What's not to love about that!! 
Such a great chippy finish!  
Thanks Evanses for coming back to town, and for bringing your fabulous talent in picking and display!!  In love. 


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    1. Loved learning about Block 100 Antiques! Nice to know there's a good shop in downtown Provo.

  2. I loved their first store and this one looks just as fabulous! Looks like I need to head South as well. lol!