Sunday, January 10, 2016

Making a $2 World Globe for Decor.

Just thought I'd share a fun little project. I'm in love with globes, but looking for cheap!  I made this crafty globe and sold it at Treasures Antiques. 
I started with this large plastic ornament I picked up at a thrift store for $1. I stripped it because the stripes were glittered. Next time I'll buy a plain one and skip this step. 

Next I printed off a map the right size. And cut out each continent while holding scrapbook paper behind it and cutting through both.   Don't use card stock, thinner paper lays flatter and molds to the round surface better 
I spray painted the ball blue and glued the continents on with Tacky glue. I sprayed it with clear gloss varnish. Then glued it on a candle stick I'd gotten for a buck at the same second hand stire. 

Thus with supplies on hand plus $2, I made this cute 10" tall globe. 

I think I'll make a red and white one for my bedroom next. 


  1. You are so clever, Miss Paula! I would never have thought of very cute!

  2. Thanks Shirley, and would you be surprised to think I might make one thats all red and white ... yeah, you probably did.