Thursday, January 21, 2016

Fleaology Dealers are the Best

Hey, here I am in front of my booth space at Flea.o.logy!  My childhood friend Debbie came down with her daughter.  It was so fun to see her!  

You know it's the people that are really the best part of these markets!!  So I thought I'd introduce you to our dealers. 

This is Ramona and Melony, this was their first show. They had nice goodies!

Steve of Silverwear was back with us for the 5th year, making jewelry from silverware while you watch. 
This is Brenda of Rundown Rustcs with her 'Staff', they were also first timers.
This is Esther and Kelli, they've been off again on again dealers for years, but were good customers before that, we love them. They are wonderfully talented girls! 

Check out Kelli's cute boots!! 
This is Aubri of 'my good' she's another regular fleaologist. 
And this is Stephanie, yet another returning dealer. 
Everyone loves Jennine, in the pink. Her friends pictured here are also friends of mine. Hi Laurie and Patti!  
This is Keith, our expert on antique smalls!! 
Kimberly rebinds books adding blank pages to make them into fabulously fun journals. 
And here's Vicki of 'Pick It Vintage'. She's a long time favorite dealer! 
This is Elisabeth, she's been with us for 3 years!  She recently moved into Treasures Antiques, so I can check out her goodies anytime. 
This is Chris, a new dealer at Treasures Antiques, whose been doing really well there, he decided to expand and join us.  Meeting his wife was fun too!  
Darryl's been doing Fleaolgy for 9 of our 10 years!  Still going strong. 
This is Kathy, she's actually a former restaurant owner, who currently does catering. She made us delicious panini grilled cheese sandwiches and soups!  Yum.  She also sold antiques on the side!   Her first Fleaology was 5 years ago, after the closing of her tea room.  She had over a 100 tea pots to sell!  So fun! 
And here's Denise. She's been with us for 5 years... She's on the left shown here with Heidi, who owns the darling new shop Vintiquers in Ogden that I recently blogged about. 
Meet Jill. This was her first Fleaology. She has been doing shows for a long time and her set up was fabulous! Here she is  chatting with Katie, my friend Sherri's daughter. It was great to see her!  
This is Marcy of 'Three Birds Vintage' with her cute daughter.  We always love it when we can get them!  They're awesome! 
And this is Jami of 'Jami Ray Vintage' the leader of the Reclaimilogists Group I belong to. If you love DIY you should follow her on Youtube at Jami Ray Vintage, she has stellar DIY videos 
This is Michelle on the right with one of the editors of our local  antique newspaper, The New Century Collector. You can follow Michelle as  junklovinbaker on Instagram!  I do! 
This is Nikki, another friend and long time Treasures dealer. She's done half a dozen fleaologies over the years, and I love it whenever she does ! 
And heres another Treasures dealer, Chuck!  Hiedi kept trying to sneak  out of dealer photos,  oops, what a cute girl. We all love Chuck too! 
This is Logan on the right.  He's the owner of After Life Vintage in Salt Lake!  We always love it when he and Jacqueline join us at Fleaology with their fun mid century modern goodies! 
And then there's Big Mike, another favorite long time Fleaologist!  
This is John, a realtor and antique dealer. He sells at Treasures as well. He really knows his antiques and brings fabulous stuff! 
Pat sells at Treasures and is always ready to join the fun!! 
Rosemarie is the blonde here. She manages the other Treasures mall. Here she is with her team, one son and two grands!!  What a fun group. Rosemarie's been doing Fleaology for 9 years! 
These cute girls are good friends from my art group, Jann and Joanne. This was their first sale! They very nearly sold out of their cute Valentines decor!  Such talented girls!  
But the last and the best is my partner Nell. She's second to the left, and she's also my daughter-in-law. The other girls are more daughters and a couple of grands who came by to support us. 

After searching out the photos for this post realized that I had actuallymissed a few!  But here's  a good start if you'd like to come to Fleaology and would like to get to know our dealers. We rented 40 booths this time, our largest Olsons show yet!  Yahoo! 

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  1. That was a job getting all of those photos! Fun learning a bit more about the dealers and their names. Really had a fun time!