Monday, January 11, 2016

Vintiquer's Antiques in Ogden

It's been a few weeks since my first visit to Vintiquer's in Ogden, but I thought I'd share. 
My friend Joanne suggested the visit since we had other business in Ogden, an hour and a half north of my small town. I was charmed by the lovely old home that houses the shop. 
And how fun was it to see Sherri and Denise, friends of mine who own The Co-op Chicks with another friend Carla, there doing the new stores' sign.  
Heidi owns the new Antique Shoppe.   She also runs the Acorn Antiques show in Ogden that I did for years with my friend Bruce.   
The first thing that caught my attention, after years of collecting children's bust was this charming pair. 
Heidi's displays were all so charming. 
Her merchandise is a good quality as well. 
Growing up as the daughter of an antique dealer, she is also very knowledgable! 
I think her store will find a nitch and end up being one of the best and most popular in the state. 
It reminds me of the better shops I've seen while traveling, and is probably the nicest single owner shop I've seen in years!
She somehow manages to know her antiques, and the old ways of antique stores while also managing to stay in touch with current trends! 
It was a lovely afternoon sandwiched into my very favorite day of holiday season. 
If you have a chance to visit her store, I promise you won't be disappointed. 
Here are old time advertising images printed on vintage linens!  I loved these dish towels! 
I'd also like to mention that she has decent prices, especially considering that her merchandise is on the better side of what I'm seeing in stores these days. 

And I love the old timey accounting ... 
Even adorable Joanne was digging deep in her pockets to buy goodies!! Hmmmm what is the exchange rate on a mother of pearl button these days anyway? Thanks for coming along all, and thanks for the awesome suggestion, Joanne 

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  1. I have never heard of this shop, but it looks wonderful! Love the stacked boxes and that chippy sliding door. Looks like I need to plan a trip to Ogden!