Monday, February 13, 2012

52 Things I Love about Him!

My friend Jenn told us ahead of time that we would be making these cute card books at her Valentine Cookie Exchange.

When I started thinking about the 52 things I love about my dear boy, I realized that 52 is 2 times 26, and 26 is how many letters are in alphabet.  Of course this was only of interest to me because I LOVE alphabet books.  So I decided to make mine an alphabet book with two traits per letter.

  When we got to the party, Jenn provided each of her guests with kits for their little books.  The design on the back (above) and 52 glue ons were part of the kit, along with the drilled deck of cards, the rings, stickers, jewels, ribbons, sequins, patterned papers, etc.

I decided to take mine home because I had some great designs I had downloaded from Graphics Fairy that I thought would look amazing.  I also had some cute Valentine Tickets I had downloaded from another blogger who posted on Graphics Fairy's brag Monday. Then I made some sweet tiny BINGO cards that said HEART instead of Bingo.

I love how it turned out and I hope that my Valentine will too.  One thing that was very cool about this project is that after spending the wee hours for a couple of nights putting together my list (I think the alphabet set up makes it easier) I realized how really wonderful the man I am married to really is, and I think he helped me appreciate him even more.


  1. Such a cute idea and kudos to Jenn for putting all of that stuff together! Wow, what a woman! I hope Scott loves it! Happy Valentine's Day to you Paula! I love you! xo

  2. Love this idea! I saw something like this on Pinterest and I am definitely trying it sometime soon:)