Sunday, February 19, 2012

Festive Decorated Eggs!

 Just back from a tropical vacation, which got me thinking about warm weather ...

Of course that brought on thoughts of Spring ... 

I had fun visiting with my married daughter while she did some on line work at my dining room table and I put together these fun and crafty eggs.

I started by decoupaging real eggs that I had blown out* with light weight book page bits.  Then added bits of paper lace, jewelry fittings, buttons, real lace, glitter, of course, and fun vintage bird art that I collected from Karen at Graphics Fairy.  She has a delightful supply of vintage art, which keeps me coming back.

I am going to be doing some fun 'spring baskets' later and will add a couple of these eggs, but for now I have tucked them into my vintage 3 minute egg rack, complete with an tiny glass timer. 

Hope your day is Egg-sactly right!

* The Greeley girls have asked me to tell how I blow out eggs.  I use a thin long nail or an extra large needle and tap it lightly and repeatedly until I have made a tiny crack/indent/hole in the end of the egg.  I keep working at it until the hole is about 1/16 to an 1/8 of in inch in diameter.  Then I do the same to the other end.  I then put my nail/needle into the egg and stir it to break up the yolk.  Next I put my mouth against the smallest hole and blow out the inside yolk and white into a bowl.  (I later use these for scrambled eggs or baking so they are not wasted).  Now I put the empty egg into a bowl of water and suck so that the egg is filled with water, I swish it around to rinse the egg out then blow out the water.  I do this three or four time to make sure its clean inside.  Let it dry and its ready to use in arranged in a bowl or basket as is, or it can be dyed, or decoupaged, whatever you like. Good luck!


  1. Just popped over from The Graphics Fairy blog. These are wonderful.

  2. Hi, what a creative touch you have. I love your sweet vintage looking eggs! Hopped over from Savvy Southern Style. Now a new follower.

  3. Love your eggs, will take a look at Graphics Fairy too. I am your newest follower. Hope you can do the same. Thanks for stopping by my site and leaving a message.

  4. I got my new blackground from The Graphic Fairy. Love her work.

  5. Wao, Its so cute..what a smart way to decorate eggs..:)

  6. I was just at Treasures Antique Mall this morning and saw your tags with your blog address. What a lovely blog it is! Are you the person who made the darling Valentine's garlands? They were similar to the ones on that gorgeous wreath you posted about earlier. Anyway, I am happy to find you. My blog is I live in Highland.

  7. BTW...I think you are the one who helped us this morning...we bought a funky old phone.

  8. Soooo adorable! Perfect for spring. Mimi

  9. Always nice to get new ideas for Easter eggs.

  10. one thing i can do is decoupage. love your helping with idea how to blow out an egg.
    i will try it. will come back and use your directions. your work is wonderful. elizabeth
    please take time to check out our site.

    1. I just added instructions for blowing out eggs at the bottom of this post. Have fun!!

  11. Very pretty, Paula! My Nana did LOTS of beautiful, fun stuff with blown eggs. I put out two trees filled with her eggs at Easter time. You've inspired me to try some of my own.