Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Steampunk 1 Marci's Decor

 Had a chance to visit my friend Marci yesterday, and as always, I was amazed at all the changes she has made in her evolving Steampunk style.

This charming rolled paper Wreath greeted me at the front door.
 Then inside I noticed that the great male mannequin with the top hat had aquired a pair of goggles.
This industrial print was acquired while junking with her friend Carol.  Marci assumes it once hung in a front office of a factory.  What a fabulous find.  It is one of a pair, and the other one is in her kitchen, so you will have to wait to see it for phase two of Marci's Steampunking.

I love the little details Marci has added to some of her antiques, like the springs at the base of the face of this standing clock.

Probably the biggest change since my last visit is that her gold French cabinets have been ousted and replaced with these newly constructed, from factory salvage, cabinets.  Both are filled with clocks and other wonderful steampunk elements.

 Marci has even gotten into the structural fabrication of Steampunk, including this great clock, built onto a brass welding torch.
This lamp is another bit of her Steampunk art.  The coiled spring bouncing in response to people walking around gave it a moving machinery feel.  Very cool.

This miniature typewriter sits on the shelf with Marci's cover stripped books.  If you note that the 'bookend' next to it is a bathrub leg, that gives you an idea of just how diminuative it is.

And just to finish up, here are a few more details from her amazing living room.  In the middle is her antique lightbulb collection, all gathered locally.  The dressmakers form with the scissor collection hanging around the neck is just delightful.

Thanks for coming along on this tour, there will two more installments, so keep checking back.


  1. Oh my gosh! OH MY GOSH! What a gorgeous room Marci has! How wonderful her collection is! Does she do tours? Could I come for tea?

    Oh! Could I feature this in my Steampunk room blog? Please?

    1. Hey, thanks for all the kind words, I called Marci and read her your response. She laughed, and said go ahead. Feel free to use a few of the pics, if you want, and then link back here. -P

  2. WOW! I haven't been over to Marci's in awhile...doodle poodle...she's really embraced Steampunk to its fullest! Her home is totally transformed. It looks amazing!!! I'm just so surprised at how "Steam-punky" it really is! (*_*)

  3. Pretty awesome. I would love to visit there. I am sure there is something to see at every turn.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. i love all the antique touches!

  5. Stopping by from the Weekend Wrap UP Party!!!

  6. this is fabulous ! Love this style !