Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Meet Penelope - Trash to Treasure Mannequin

And when I say trash to treasure I mean it.  Penelope is made from butcher paper, newspaper, the pages of a old French novel, white glue and varnish.  I think she is the ultimate in upcycling.  If you want to see how she is constructed you can check out my blog about how I made her older sister, Lizzie.
Penelope is my third mannequin made by this method, the other two have new homes, one sold at Treasures Antiques and the other at a fleamarket at Wheeler Farm where three dealers from flea.o.logy participated.

Here we see her dressed in a Victorian Top hat, a 50's net petticoat and half a dozen necklaces.  Yep, I have put her to work as a jewelry organizer.

If you look close you can see that I pounded tiny nails in a row down her shoulders to hold 7 different necklaces. 


  1. And to think you made her! Pure genius, I love her petticoat! Thank you so much for attending the dress form ball! I am sure everyone will be envious of this beauty!


  2. I love the net petticoat!!

    Thank You for sharing her with us and I hope you have a really great night!


  3. What a great outfit especially the petticoat!!
    Thanks so much for sharing her with us!!


  4. Wow! That's very impressive that you actually made her, very creative! She's a beauty!

  5. Oh I love her pretty peitticoat, simply beautiful....