Sunday, February 5, 2012

Pretty in Pink and an Organization Tip

 Well I had a lot of fun this past weekend.  I got to make sugar cookies and take them to a Valentine's Cookies exchange hosted by my friend Jenn. I love sugar cookies, they are a marvelous doorway to happy childhood memories!

The night before the exchange I had a chance to babysit my cute one year old grandson Titan. 
 I also needed to make the cookies for the exchange and so I got to use my daughter Becca's kitchen. 

I had never noticed the lazy susan in the corner.  How smart is Becca?  I was always annoyed by those impossible far corners on counter tops, such wasted space because its so hard to reach.  Trust my child to be better organized than her mom.  She said she got her lazy susan at this site. (How did those things get their names anyway?)

This is my 'pretty in pink' cookies at the exchange.  I will be doing a full coverage post about the exchange, as Jenn's decor is lovely and unforgettable.
This is the specific grouping of cookies in which mine were displayed.  I adore my triple cherub base cake plate and thought it would be perfect for the Valentines theme.
Here is one woman's selection of cookies, pretty sweet eh?  She is Jenn's neighbor, and I love the fact that she licked her finger just as I snapped this picture ...  Yep the exchange was just that ... Sweet!!
Thanks Jenn for a lovely time, and thanks to Becca for some fun grandbaby face time too!


  1. I love the designs on the pink sugar cookies. I need to learn to doodle better with a piping bag.

  2. oh i love cookies.. specially pink cookies! :) They look so yummy!

    Found you on TT&J. I'd love for you to come by and link this and any other project you have at my linky party called "create & inspire"

    Angie form A little Inspiration