Friday, February 17, 2012

Another Fast and Furious Girls' Night Out!

 Many, many moons ago we all lived in the same Orem neighborhood.  Now none of us live there.  We have parted ways, but not hearts, so to touch the past occasionally we have a girls night out.  Last Wednesday there were five of us.
 Ann suggested Applebees and when we got there we found out it was Bingo night .... what the heck?  Here we see Kim, Sherry and Jenn.

Kim said she hadn't played for like 20 years, but I guess its like riding a bike  ....
Look what a fine job she is doing with that red crayon.

Ann was master of the green crayon, but despite our best combined efforts not one of us managed to win. Fortunately the bubbly young woman who was doing the calling kept telling us 'not to despair', so we didn't, we just laughed, and laughed, and well, laughed.

Jenn managed to get out of the stress of us all being two time losers for a bit when one of her patients recognized her and she went over and did some 'baby time'.
And you can see how futile were my efforts!!  Thanks girls for another fabulous Girl's night out!! (Do they have Bingo on cruise ships do you think? One can always hope!)

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  1. Bingo night at Applebees? I've never heard of such a thing! LOL!