Sunday, February 12, 2012

Best Ever Valentine's Cookie Exchange!

This is the centerpiece of the event.  Love the chippy blue paint ... so with that said ....Let the cookie goodness begin!

As each guest arrived ladden with beautifully presented cookies, I was astonished at how pretty they all were. 

As always, Jenn had outdone herself in preparing her home for the event, everything was charming in a palate of French blue, red and pink.  She and her sister, who drove down from Idaho, were there to offer a warm greeting to make us feel welcome.
I loved this oversized 'happy' garland that was strung from corner to corner of the great room.


Other details, like giggling children hanging over the banister as the guests arrived, and a huge bouquet of sweet pink tulips made the whole scene so inviting!

 And the cookies were displayed around the room on cake plates, in baskets, sitting on primitive benches, or fun red children's school
 chairs.  They were all beautiful and promised to be tasty as well.

I was delighted with the care with which each
 choose their cookie displays.  Do you see the cake plate with a dome full of cookies on red children's chair in the background of this picture?  Just so fun!

And as if the promise of a plate full of beautiful cookies were not enough, Jennifer laid out a delicious brunch buffet.  I love the milk bottles with the striped straws, and the red velvet cake with the pennant banner across the top.  One word sums it all up, though, Yummy!
Jenn combined family, neighbors and friends for this event, so we all had a good time getting to know each other. 

And then with visiting and brunch behind us, its time for the main event .... exchanging cookies.  These gals have their containers and are ready to go!

...and its impossible to go on a cookie gathering foray without getting something sweet and sticky on your fingers, right?

 ... And then there were none .... OK, well, next to none. 

We all had a chance to make sweet Valentines gifts for someone we hold dear, but of course with Valentines day coming up, I would never ruin the surprise.

My good friend and fellow flea.o.logist, Cathie helps out with baby Linus, while his mother works on her secret project!!  Isn't she a natural?  Well, we all had a delightful time and now there is nothing to be done but to look forward to the annual event next year!!   Thanks Jenn


  1. Looks like you gals had a really fun time! xo

  2. You girls always have the most fun! What a great party! Love that ribbon thing over the cookie table. So cool! And those milk bottles!! Adorable. Where did she find them? NEED some too. Mimi

  3. Paula, thanks for the fun post. Your pics are just terrific.

  4. Found you on TT&J. LOVE the buffet and your banner with the pom poms and other awesome randomness thrown in!

  5. This is such a good idea for a cookie exchange since Christmas is so busy. It looks so charming! I love the colors, and want to paint my kitchen with the turquoise and red:)

  6. I love your decorations! They look amazing - your garland is so fun! I am visiting from TT&J and would love it if you'd visit back!


  7. Love love love the milk bottles and striped straws! Aqua blue and red is my absolute favorite color combination. This looks like it was so much fun!

    Ashley @

  8. So, so fun!!! Looks like the funnest party ever! I would love to throw a party like this someday!!!