Thursday, February 2, 2012

Putting the P in Steampunk Or Putting the Steampunk in P?

In an earlier post I decorated my family room mantel in a 'steampunk' style, but I did not love it and felt that I needed to haul out all the small items to get rid of the cluttered look.  Then I redid the mantel, choosing the larger pieces and adding a few other items.  As a result most of the smalls needed a new home.
I picked up this P (for Pollyanna of course) at Farm Chicks last Summer.  From the start I thought it would look better filled with something, but could never figure what would be just right.

 As you see I decided to try filling it with my 'left over' steampunkettes.  The assorted goodies now feel contained, and less like clutter to my eye, and I am loving the whimsy of the combination.   The items inside include a cast iron replica of the Eiffel Tower (And what is more Steampunk than that?) four styles of flower frogs, 2 clocks, a funnel, an Art Nouveau ink well, a tomato spoon (OK not so steam punk but still cool), some machines parts and an old railroad lock and key.

I officially dub it certainly kitsch and but also kind of cool!


  1. LOVE the display, but I must admit that "steampunkettes" just makes me giggle. . .

  2. Great display and awesome idea! :D I love the combination of little steampunky bits and pieces you used.

  3. That is such a clever idea! It turned out really well...what a neat and original piece of decor! Would you consider sharing it here?

  4. Love giant letters and yours is adorable filled with punkettes! So fun seeing you at Treasures the other day. My friend loved her valentine kit! Mimi

    1. Thanks Mimi, so glad your friend liked the kit, and it was great to see you again!!

  5. This was such a great idea. It turned out great.

  6. STOP IT!! I love, love this idea.....
    Might have to copy :)