Friday, March 7, 2014

Abode Coming to Vintage Whites!

 Good times for me always include junking ... so when I made my arrow with the Reclaimologists at Abode  on 33rd south just above 9th east a couple of weeks ago ... you knew there would be pictures.

 I had been to the old Abode building on 9th east, further north, several times, when my friends Cathie  and Stephi worked there.

 There were always lots and lots of great items in the tiny building ....

There are still lots and lots of goodies, but in the larger space they are easier to see!!

 Miriam will be bringing a lot of her vintage goodness to the Vintage Whites Show at the Salt Lake Fairgrounds tomorrow ....

So be sure to stop by and see her ... I know I will!!

BTW did you know that Abode's full name is Abode pfm?  The pfm stands for Paris Flea Market!  I love it!

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