Monday, March 31, 2014

Type Trays and Antique Watch Faces

 When I went to the last Acorn Show in February, I snapped this shot of enameled watch faces in my friend Cathie's booth ... love them, and at $4 each, they seemed like a great price ...

Then I saw this picture on Instagram ... can we say "LOVE"? Yep, at first glance, and since I had a great antique type tray I had been looking for a use for .... seemed like the perfect match ....

The only flaw in my thinking is that the type tray has 98 compartments, and well, you do the math.  I knew it wasn't going to happen, at least not that way!

So I bought a lot of about 100 watch faces from another dealer at Treasures Antiques for $10, and saved out all the large ones, they weren't old, but watch faces are watch faces, right?

Next I printed off watch faces I found on Pinterest, and glued some to the back of clear glass disks, others I decoupaged on front of wood game disks, still others, I glued onto old celluloid buckles.

Last of all I bought a package of brass Tim Holtz watch faces from Hobby Lobby.

 In the end I just cut out some paper watch faces, and placed them in some of the spots, filling in with a few vintage keys I had on hand.  I figure that I can eventually fill the case and trade out the paper images.
I love how it turned out and thought that it made the perfect backdrop for my robot family!!  

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