Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Historic San Antonio and Pollyanna!

Here I am visiting with my daughters in San Antonio, which of course means a trip to the historic part of town and the Alamo.  I loved seeing the incredible old architecture ...

... And here I am with three of my daughters at the Alamo .... What a wonderful hallowed historic spot. I especially love how these people respect and appreciate their history! 

I also got to introduce my 3year old grandson to the concept of stretched pennies and met this handsome man. 

Loved seeing the five and dime on our way to the River Walk ...

Which was beautiful!

Thought this was a grand building as well.

...and I'm glad to say my daughter Brittany found her niche ... In the outer Alamo Wall .... What a great day, filled with all the things I love best, family, history, beauty and good food!

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