Monday, March 24, 2014

Emily is the Bestest in the Westest

There's an old saying that says; Grandma's house is the place where cousins go to be friends.  I love that  concept ... But with jobs that transfer sons-in-law out of state ... There has to be another way...

So here we are at the airport reintroducing one year old cousins.

 I had three grand babies born in January, February and March of last year!  Great for kids to have cousins the same age, but unfortunately they live in three different states.  So we made plans to help them get acquainted. Above are Utahan; Reagan and Idahoan; Charlotte on our way to meet cousin William in Texas. 

Neither baby slept on the late night flight designed so babies could sleep ... But neither was fussy either ... We just dealt with the wiggles of one year olds in small spaces!

Now in Texas where Reagan, the oldest of the trio, holds William, the youngest!

Daughter Emily and her generous husband Sam host us all and their son William entertains us with the mystic southern Texas veil dance!

... And Uncle Sam gets acquainted with Charlotte.

Older cousins Titan and Bekie have a reunion too!

My daughter Emily, the hostess with the mostess, manages to shoe horn six guests into her home with a native population of four ... AND serves us homemade sushi the first night!  

Then, after introducing us to amazing Texan Blue Bell ice cream we added two more guests to our party by skypping with my son Spencer and his wife Brittney.

Later Titan improvised party hats for us ... 
There are six more days of family fun coming up!  Thanks Emily!

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