Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Subway Art on Vintage Trays

 Just finished another reinvention, what do you think?

I have a lot of these trays, because I collected the ones with hand painted flowers and hung them in my kitchen.  Then when I found ugly ones, like the one on top in this picture, or damaged ones, I still had to buy them.  Anyway, thought making them over into subway art might help me sell them.

To reinvent this tray, I first painted it white with flat white spray paint.  Then placed Hazel and Ruby reverse stencils, before painting it black with craft paint.

The stencils bled this time, not sure why, but I ended up having to repaint most of the letters with a tiny brush and white craft paint.  After that I outlined the letters with a sharpy, which I think you can see in this close up.  I liked the extra bit of definition.  Last of all I sprayed the tray with clear spray varnish to seal it.

Today I am listing it on our Reclaimologist sight on face book, wish me well!!  If it sells, it will be time to redo the other sign, in the second picture.

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  1. Love this idea! Last week I bought a couple of old weird trays at the DI and sprayed them with chalkboard paint, drilled some holes in the top to thread some ribbon through for hangers. They turned out pretty cute. LOVE those arrows you made at Abode. Mimi