Friday, March 21, 2014

Antique Mall Booth in White

 After working two days in a row at Treasures Antiques, the mall where I sell my fabulous vintage and antique treasures ... I thought I would share my white booth with you! It is one of 7 booth that I have in the South Building.

So here are some of my white loves ...

I am always hunting white crochet thread, because I love how it looks stacked and gathered.

 More shots from various angels ... the booth is 12 feet by 6 feet and has a cross isle, so I have a 6 foot long display facing the other isle.... lots of space, for lots of white, brown and off white goodness!

I favor white pottery, bird cages, anything old and wire, brides and grooms, clocks, painted furniture and statuary.

 Of course my long days collecting bride and groom wedding cake toppers is showing here ... I can't stop buying them!  But they do sell, slowly, and I love how they looked when collected together.

 I have found that I love mixing in browns, it makes it sort of like a sepia tone monochrome color wise, which I love.  I mean sepia tone means old, right? ... and if you have been reading me for long, you know I LOVE old!

Thanks for coming along for a tour of my white booth ....  and yes, the wreath to the right does need to be moved to a different booth!

.... may your days be blissful and white ....


  1. Love your white booth Paula! You are so good at doing your displays!

  2. OMG!!!!!!!!
    Is there ANY WAY that I CAN BUY that PRECIOUS Tin Cone w/Little Boy??? I'm in Oklahoma ;(
    Beth Boothe

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