Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Come Along to Wendy's House!

Wonderful Wednesday Wanderings

This is my first blog entry in the Wednesday Wanderings series.  And what better place to wander than Wendy's?

Wendy seems to have been bitten by the same bug that bit me.  I counted three different pennant banners, all adorable and two made by Wendy.  Above is a banner made from a lovely, soft old quilt. 

I was excited to see how Wendy's curled paper flower wreath turned out.  She put glitter on the edges of her flowers, and I love it!

I just thought this sweet little Victorian scrap looked adorable in the tiny spiked flower frog.  Nice touch Wendy.

... and to finish, we will step away from Wendy's craftiness and take a look at one of the cool features of her late 1800's house.  This door once opened onto a side yard, but when Wendy and her dh bought the house they added a nice large master sweet which is now accessed by this door.  So, yes, the cool brick wall is inside her bedroom.  Her house has some really amazing features, so I guess we will just have to visit again sometime.

P.S. In conjunction with my new 'flavor of the day' blog posts, I will be giving away either something I have crafted, or a cool vintage or antique item on 'Freebie Fridays for Followers', so be sure to come back and join the fun!!

Thanks Wendy!


  1. wow ! fabulous ! That door is amazing !

  2. I think you should give away one of Wendy's fabulous hutches. . . I'm sure she wouldn't mind ;)

    1. Wendy likes cupboards like you like kitsch ... pretty sure you could never get her to part with any of them ... ;-)