Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Upcycled Fancy Eggs for Easter Fun!

Tutorial Tuesday - Blowing Out Eggs

This week I am going to tell you how to blow out the egg from the egg shell leaving it a usable item for crafting or decor .         First you take the number of eggs you want to clean out.  Colored eggs are now available at the grocery store, and look great in a basket.
I use a nail for the next part, though a long upholstery needle works too.  Start by tapping the egg, when it breaks slightly, keep tapping it to enlarge the hole until the nail can enter the hole.  Turn the egg over and repeat. 

 Next you insert the nail and stir the egg to break it up, this will allow it to run out of the shell.
Now you put you mouth over the smaller hole and blow.  Its tricky to get a good seal, but you will figure it out.

After blowing the insides out of the egg shell, (the egg is usable, no need to waste it.) place one end slightly into a bowl of water and suck the water up into the egg.     Swish the water around to clean the inside, then blow it out as well.
Now its time for the fun part.  Gather the items that you want to use to decorate your empty eggs and have fun!

I used a variety of methods, decoupaging with both book pages and sheet music, and I left my naturally pale green eggs their sweet soft color.  Then I added lace trims, and pictures that I had gathered from Graphics Fairy, as well as some lovely German glass glitter.
The pictures I chose were in a spring palate.  Some were actually from antique Victorian postcards, others were bird themed, and one was even a sweet little cottage garnered from a Valentine.

This is how they look in my antique European cupboard.

Those of you who know me, know how much I love glitter and any project that I can sneak in some of the shiny magic, so naturally this project was a blast.

Thanks for taking a peek at my 'Easter Eggs', I hope that you learned something that will come in useful someday.


  1. I am always looking for new ways to decorate eggs and even though my daughter is now 24, we have fun doing this together. Thanks for sharing.

    1. How nice that you can both still enjoy doing that together, lucky for you both. My 25 year old daughter did sit at the table and visited while I made them, but she's not normally crafty. (She was making invitations for a book club event she is planning with a Hunger Games theme, and her cute baby was sitting on the floor in the parlor making adorable sounds.)

  2. I agree with you that there cannot be too much glitter! Shine on! =D

  3. I made a few decoupaged eggs last week. They were kind of fun. But LOVE your glittered ones. Mimi

  4. Okay, I want those eggs! LOL! Good job Paula...they are just darling! ~Stacy~

  5. Fantastic job on these eggs Paula, they are so pretty. I am your newst follower.