Saturday, March 10, 2012

Play Time for the Big Kids!!

Saturday - My Style

I just wanted to mention a few plays I have had the opportunity to see lately with some good friends. 

 My friend Robin and I got to go and see 'Emma' as produced by the Pioneer Theater Company in SLC.  Its a regional theater and most of the actors are out of New York.

We attended with the Utah Chapter of the Jane Austen Society of North America and stayed for the Q and A, as you see above... to the right are the actors that played Darcy and Elizabeth.

The play was really well done with very smooth transitions, and timing that really kept the actors on their toes, but they were definitely equal to the task.  I love the story and this particular adaptation was excellent, very true to Austen's intent.

Robin is on the right in this picture.

Then last week my friend Wendy and I and our dhs went to see 'The Importance of Being Ernest' at the Little Brown Theater in Springville.  Lets just say the facility is not impressive, but the acting certainly was. There was so much energy produced by the cast, and, of course, the script is hilarious!!   It was so fun to see this favorite play again, and also nice to find out about another local theater effort.

Then this week I had the opportunity to see a production put together by my ever talented friend Jenn at her church in Orem.  Jenn is a professional stage manager who was asked to write and present an event commemorating the organization of the women's organization in our church.   It was so touching that I had tears in my eyes by the end of this beautiful multi-media presentation.  Yeah Jenn!!

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