Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wandering Around the Steampunk House

 Here we are for our Wednesday's Wanderings, back at Marci's for the last session for a while.  I have just added some random shots, this first scene (3 pictures) is set up in a corner of a hallway.

 Marci loves busts, and I noticed this time that most of them are now wearing goggles. 
 She has such a knack for finding the goods. We haven't had a pair of goggles in our antique store for a couple of years. Wait!! , another dealer at Treasures told me we DO have a pair, they are in a locked case in Dealer #313's booth, so stop by and score a pair!!
 Even her Parisian Dance Hall girl managed to score a pair of goggles for her, oh so elegant, beaver skin top hat.
Alas this gal just got the sewing notions, including a very cool necklace of vintage scissors.
A fun detail above Marci's kitchen sink.

I hope you enjoyed your tour back at Marci's.  I can't wait to go again.  If I wait a month or two I know there will be all kinds of vintage and funky goodness to enjoy... not to worry I will take you along then too.
And just for a bit of comic relief, my granddaughter, who came along for the tour, saw this wonderful deep fur rug so she snuggled into it and started making snow angels, that made me laugh, so I hope it at least makes you smile.
Now goodbye until next time.


  1. I think she should open her home for a tour! I'd love to come see this stuff in person. Grandgirls can be sooo entertaining! Mimi

    1. Oh absolutely!! That's why we call them grand!! Thanks!