Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thrifty Finds to Keep and Share!

Thrifty Thursday!

As an antique dealer it is always fun to go out junking.  It's even more fun when you get to go with friends, and often it is the digging that is the most fun.  Sort of like looking for buried treasure.

So the special invitation, garnered by my friend Cathie, to take a peek into another antique dealers storage with the promise of great deals, was NOT to be missed.  This huge unit was stacked to the rafters, and we had a blast digging through the goodies.

 My favorite find was this set of old green painted spindles.  I can't imagine where they came from, or how this assortment of spindles came to be painted the same color, but happily it is my favorite color of green, and the whole bundle was only $5.  Can't wait to figure out how to use them.

Here are some more goodies that are bound for Treasures Antiques where I work.  The middle picture is of a folding seat school bench from the turn of the last century.  Its in great condition and it shouldn't take long for it to find a permanent home.

This wonderful old table has great chippy paint.  I am actually trying to figure out how I could use it at home.  If it turns up at Treasures or flea.o.logy, you will know I failed.  I love it.

Thanks for coming along on my little thrifting trip.  I was very happy with the goods I picked up.

The green spindles will likely turn up in a future Monday post (Make-over Monday).

It was fun to get together with Cathie and also Jennine, another flea.o.logy dealer, so its likely that some of this antique and vintage goodness will turn up at flea.o.logy on May 5th.

Good times.


  1. That table would be a keeper for sure! What a fun treasure hunt! I am completely jealous ;-)

  2. It was a great treasure hunt!! So much fun to share it with good friends. And double fun to look through the loot when I got home. Let's go treasure hunting again soon, k?