Thursday, February 13, 2014

Craft Room Reveal

 ... and its finally done!  I finished up two projects this week, along with generally cleaning up my piles and piles of craft supplies that had somehow gotten out of control and mutinied against me. (Ungrateful Lot!)

The first project is shown to the left, the eight colorful drawers with crystal knobs, are actually just card board boxes that I covered with coordinated scrapbook papers.  This set of boxes holds, (2) Craft Paints and brushes, (2) Stamps and pads, (1) sorted junk jewelry flowers (1) unsorted junk jewelry, (1) assorted glitter and  (1) vintage card games for altered art.

The other project was filling a three shelf open cupboard with matching coffee style jars from the dollar store.  (I found out you can order dollar store stuff on line and have it delivered to your closest store without charge. These bottles were always out of stock in store I checked and rechecked)

Below we start moving through the room from the door way clockwise around the room.
 The white lidded jars are the ones I mentioned having finished collecting and filling this past week. They hold things like marbles, Styrofoam eggs, jewelry bits, clothes pins, letters, etc.  I collected wire baskets for a year and have shelves on all four walls holding an assortment of fabrics, boxes, laces, trims, vintage bottles, etc.

 This picture shoes the lower fixtures.  The four drawer chest to the left holds 10 by 10 scrapbooks papers, the cabinet with the birds has cubbies that hold photo boxes filled with things like old photos, old Valentines, cellophane bags, more junk jewelry, post cards, feathers, sewing trims, 3-d embellishments, etc. (as do the ones above the white table)  The many drawered cream colored chest holds mostly sorted jewelry bits.  The sewing drawers hold sewing supplies, the 15 drawer (shoe organizer) unit holds tiny books, tiny boxes, hair clips, tiny picture frames, sculpy, metallic craft paints, etc.
This is the comfy corner.  I originally moved the chair out and had open wire scrapbook paper storage in this corner ... it was easier to find the paper I wanted, but the whole room suffered without a hint of comfort so back it came.  

The green louvered stand has shelves for standard sized paper and card stock, while the top opens to file folders full of categorized stickers.  There is a caddy full of fancy edging scissors on top of it, and a window filled with a much of my rolled  ribbon.

I love the little bird cage style CD stand, that now holds plastic containers full of miniatures by category, like 'New York City', 'Utah', 'baby', and 'animals'.

 I collected plaid tins and boxes for a full year, then covered most of my magazine boxes with various plaid wrapping papers.  The hold antique magazines, antique clip art, iron on transfers, sheet music, old catalogues and the like.
 This shows the window above, unseen above the window is another long shelf with wire baskets of stuff.

This is a small closet, it is chock full, of more paper, stamps, old wallpaper, stickers, paper lace, etc.

The jewelry bags hanging on the closet await sorting some of that unsorted jewelry that I love for making funky jewelry or adding to embellished antique bottles, etc.
This small pop crate is on the right side wall of the closet and hangs over the side of my desk ... as you can see it holds a lot of my washi tape, and some small jars of tiny stuff too.

 This is my desk that was transformed from an antique parlor organ ... My husband added a shelf to it so that I could add the file drawers I bought at Farm Chicks a couple of years ago... for a desk with out drawers, they were perfect.  This is how the wall looks with the door to the room opened... when you close the door you can see hidden shelving behind it.
 Voila!!  The shelf that holds the tiny plastic containers of ribbon scraps, is hinged on the top and lifts to access various ugly but necessary stuff, like spray paint, and goo gone.

This great drop leaf table in the middle of the room is an amazing addition.  It is only a foot across when it has the leaves down, but when they are up the table is big enough to serve dinner to 6 people, or allow for major spreading out in case of cutting out patterns, or having a lot of supplies close at hand for a project.

The white table in the first picture is my sewing spot.  My sewing machine, with its carry case, is under the table, along with a typewriter, so I can use either of them on the table.

Thanks for coming along on my tour of my little 12 by 14 foot craft space.  I have been working on this room for more than two years and frankly it feels great to be done.

My next craft room project is to write down everything in the room in alphabetical order telling where it can be found.  Its amazing that I can put something away in the morning, and be unable to remember where I put it by two in the afternoon.  I know that my book listing everything and where to find it will be the key to crafting without tears.

If you have a post about your craft room, please leave a link in the comments below.  I would love to come and see what you have done.  Thanks again.

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