Monday, February 17, 2014

Red and White and Love Week

 Just thought I would share my Valentines this past week.

My hubby and husbands of friends we trip with, all got together and surprised us with an attendance at our local movie theater's, 'Evening of Love' event.

We had a lovely prime rib dinner, games, chocolate, roses and a movie with the necessary accoutrements.

Such adorable men.

 Then ...
... on Sunday we served a Valentines dinner to our family .... sans sick and traveling kids and grands. With just nine at table, it meant I got to use my beloved pearl handled silverware, so I guess every cloud has a silver(ware) lining, right?

The menu was pink and red foods: pinkish creamed corn, roasted red potatoes, pink rolls, Grandma Connie's famous pink cloud with fruit salad and a lovely' falling apart' pot roast ... and my son Davin, the funniest of my children, said the meal was perfect, as he just happened to be on a special diet, eating only foods in shades of pink ...
It was a lovely meal, despite the lack of grandchildren there. And ....

...handling and washing my collection of pearl handles is nothing short of a delight, I saved it until the rest of the dishes were washed so I could savor ... OK, I have been told I was a weirdo before, so this proves it!
 This is my Instagram Valentines greeting (join me, I'm Pollyareinvents on there too! Please mention in a comment that you are a blog follower and I will follow you back!)

And last of all, I am embarrassed to admit that it wasn't until this past week that I put away my beloved Christmas Angel collection that had been inhabiting the kitchen window shelf and made it valentinesy ...

Love showing off my heart shaped cookie cutter collection by hot gluing them onto the mullioned window I keep on the shelf ... now to think of other good things to display that way.

Thanks for coming along for the red and white tour, I hope your Valentines was lovely as well!!

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