Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My $2 Spring Time Centerpiece

 My holiday accents are slowly changing from Valentines to spring, and maybe to a bit of Easter.  The weather here in Utah has been ridiculously warm for February ... not that I am complaining

But it meant I was able to take these three glass vases, shown to the left, outside, and spray paint them in spring pastels.

I was very surprised that they ended up just looking like pottery vases .... I have had the three for sale at the shop for what seems like forever ... and thought I would make use of them at home.
I added some Easter grass I found in three colors in one bag at the dollar store ...

Then  I later added some eggs also from the dollar store, and liked the whimsy ...

Since I used the ends of spray paint cans I had on hand, and the vases I already owned, the center peice set me back a whole 2 dollars, and I still have most of the eggs and Easter grass left over for other projects!!
Not sure how my holiday mantel will turn out, but for now the left over pinks from Valentines, with the green bunnies, seems to  tie in nicely with the pastel vases.


  1. wow! I really thought the vases were! I am finding that my favorite projects are the ones where I use what's on hand. You've been a great example in that respect. My daughter has been collecting pottery vases like McCoy...but doesn't have much money to spare. This is a great way to mimic the look without the price. Thank you!

  2. I thought the vases were pottery too! What kind of paint did you use because they are fantastic! I would have never thought to paint a clear glass vase. I bought those same bunnies that you have on your mantle. Dollar Tree really has some cute Easter things this year!



    1. Linda, I just used regular old spray paint, just what I had on hand. Two of them had satin finish and one a glossy, which I think you can tell from the pictures.