Sunday, February 2, 2014

Small But Mighty Craft Room

When I blogged about Pam's house I a couple of weeks ago I promised you a post about her craft room, and this is me, keeping that promise.

Pam's craft room is tiny, just 8 by 10, with a bit of a hall attached, but she has done a great job of tucking in  supplies into every niche and cranny.  Note the pink and zebra print themes that fill the room.

This wall has a central niche with cupboards on either side.  Below, behind the charming wainscoting is one of those wide cement foundations.  Great use of space, don't you think. 

Above are the matching cupboards revealing their hidden treasures.

The room is just 6 feet high, and the only window is small, but the light colors and excellent lighting make the space bright and cheerful.

Charming cupboards add personality and storage space.  
Pam has done a great job of creating a welcoming space supplied with materials comfortably in reach for any project 

Thanks Pam for sharing your craft and project room, happy crafting.

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