Thursday, February 20, 2014

Historic Houses on Harvard!

 As an antique dealer, one of the best parts of my job is going to estate sales.  They are often held in old houses, for which I have a penchant, and sometimes those old houses are even in lovely old neighborhoods, as was the case last week.

This sale happened to be on Harvard Ave, a neighborhood on the east hillside above Salt Lake City.  Its very sought after real estate, and after seeing these pictures I am sure you will see why.  These homes were built in the 20's and 30's.

 The first three homes are Tudor style, with half timbering... I love them all, so charming.

 This one is my favorite, so eclectic  ... so much charm ....
 This stuccoed cottage, has the most amazing roof I have ever seen.

Because the neighborhood is so sought after, many of the smaller homes have been replaced by houses built to fit into the fine vintage scene. They are mostly obvious, because they tend to be huge, going from one side of the property to the other, and they have built in garages.  The next two photos represent two houses that I think did a good job of fitting in.    I also think its interesting to see how many of the new houses have the turreted towers, but then again 3 of the 5 old houses I like, and shared pictures of, also have turreted towers. All in all both of the newer houses are nice, but I think they lack the personality that the older home exhibit. I think they look sort of homogenized.  What do you think? 

The garage on this one is not as obvious, its tucked behind and to the side.

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