Monday, February 10, 2014

Pretty in Pink Party for a Pretty One Year Old

 Just back from a quick trip to Idaho to celebrate the first birthday of my granddaughter Charlotte there ...

This is the set up for her birthday cake bar ...

 I got to set up the display with my dh  doing the high parts, while the other grandma was busy slaving over hot pots ... see it pays to be into decorating, right?

Here's the birthday girl herself ... what a little doll, eh?  I loved the outfit her mom found on Etsy!

 ... and here she delicately tries out the cake ... she really never got deeper than the frosting roses ... and never made a mess of herself ... what a sweetheart.

I loved the campaign glasses with the jelly beans in the bottom ... so did all the 10 year old girls at the party ... hmmm 

This is the other grandmother ... Edi, she is wonderful .... I love being related to her!!

Happy birthday Charlotte ... it was so great to see you walking, she is so sweet, and such a determined little person too.  But with two older brothers, that trait is bound to come in handy someday!!

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  1. What an awesome PINK party! I love those cupcakes too with the jelly beans! What a darling little Charlot is! Looks like a fun time!