Monday, October 1, 2012

A Portable Tea Party!

So here is my latest idea, all made up.  It a portable tea party.  It includes a nice demi tea set, which was minus the tea pot and I thought it would be fun to mix it up.  I added a polkadot tea pot, and some bread and butter plates in a similar blue to hold all the tea table munchies.

I painted this lovely long berry basket a soft white to better match the tea things, and found this sweet tea party picture on Graphics Fairy to embellish it. I then tucked an antique  small table cloth around the edges of the basket for nesting the tea things. Its just the right size to spread on a child's miniature table. (The table cloth was made for a card table.)
At the Crafts and Antique show I did last weekend, I tucked in some orange flavored herbal tea bags to make it complete.  It got a lot of interest, but is still looking for a home.  I think that I might even find a pretty tin of fancy cookies to add for its next time out, and maybe a sweet little gift book about tea parties.  Voila', an instant tea party, just add little girls in party dresses and take pictures for your blog, scrapbook or album!


  1. This is so cute! It looks very feminine and fun.

  2. How beautiful; what a lovely idea. Being a tea lover I would love a gift like that. Tea can be so special and has a way of bringing friends closer.Thank you for sharing.

    Letters from the Shore

  3. LOOOVELY!!!!!! I'm ALL ABOUT TEA!!!! I'm SURE people took interest in this! Everyone loves a little pampering & quiet time sipping hot tea & enjoying the company of friends! :) LOVE the ideas you're thinking about to enhance this special little package! :)