Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Porch Displays

 Happy Halloween friends, I hope you have some fun plans for today that include seeing children in costumes ... is anything sweeter?
I just wanted to share some outdoor Halloween decor pictures of houses in my neighborhood to get you in the mood for the day!!

Love this skeleton escaping ... and to the left of him is a witch coming up for air.

I loved the look of the orange berry wreath on the black door, it looks decorated before they do another thing.

This porch was one of my favorites ... interesting witch's 'brew', eh?

Still, my favorite wreath I saw all season.

 Pumpkins going up the steps are just classic!

Love the joyful postured stick scarecrow above.  Also the stick fence was a lot of fun ... and though the picture to the right, taken the day it snowed, isn't really Halloween, it is perfectly autumn, so I thought I would share it anyway.

Porch chairs are always a good base for decor, thought the pillow was cute!!

Thought I would throw in some cute and simple cupcakes that I saw at a fund raiser last week.  The pumpkins have a pretzel for a stem, while the skeletons have a frosted pretzel for a rib cage, pretty cute.

And last of all my own front porch, with the witch addition placed there for my witch's party, and she says:

"Let me 'witch' you a happy Halloween to all
and to all a good fright!!"


  1. What a fun neighborhood! Hope you have a wonderful night!

  2. Great neighborhood photos! Happy Halloween!