Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Garden House Halloween Style!

Welcome to the garden house
 The two 'Best Witches' say,
Its spooky here so come inside,
You might decided to stay!
Just come in from the weather',
so you may sit a spell,
and look out at the leaves that blow,
about the wishing well.

Then you'll enjoy your time here,
 Out of the gust a while
Sharing time with the hallow'd folks,
and their funny, toothy smiles.

With  Pollyanna's crystals there,
I see skel'tons near the rafters,
and if you're very quiet here,
You'll hear their quivering laughter!

Our little cottage is ready, dear friends,
for all to dress up and play,
and if you come by to visit us,
We hope you plan to stay!!
Happy Halloween from the 'Best Witches' that welcome all to visit my spooky "Halloween" cottage!!

 I am linking up to Home Sweet Home Friday, where my steampunk'n from last week was featured as well!!


  1. Your garden cottage looks like the perfect place for trick or treaters to warm up with a cup of hot apple cider. I love the mantel decorations!

  2. I so love your little garden house, and all dressed up for Halloween it looks wonderfully cozy spooky!

  3. It's no secret I am IN LOVE with your Cottage!! I would LOVE something like this someday!!! OH and I think we need to have a craft day soon!... Actually I just had an idea, I will talk to you about it later!
    Big Hugs!
    OH and I love all the cuteness in the previous posts as well! So inspired! and SO glad I have found a friend with a similar style!!!

  4. This garden cottage is amazing. It looks so festive and warm.