Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Bride's Tea Party

I would like you to meet Holly.  She is a beautiful bride and a loyal customer at Treasures, the antique store where I work.

Holly grew up loving tea parties, so when she was ready for the biggest celebration of her life, she could think of no better theme than that of a tea party. 

She collected stacks and stacks of pretty plates and cups and saucers.  She converted some plates, and cups and saucers into 'tea lights', and tiered stands, and centerpieces.

I had to take a picture of her lovely wedding cake, as well.  The tea pots on the tables were full of marshmallows ... because instead of tea, she served hot chocolate.

The cups and saucers went home with her guests as favors to remember this fairy tale wedding event, and the beautiful princess and charming prince who hosted it.

Thank you Holly for allowing me to come and take pictures of your wonderful and magical wedding event.  It was lovely!!


  1. Oh, Pollyanna, this is fabulous! What a wonderful idea for a wedding! Everything is lovely and I know I would really enjoy myself. Thank you so much for sharing this happy event with us at Tea Time and enjoy your day.


  2. Simply Spectacular! So lovely.

    :) Hope

  3. Oh, my! Congratulations to the happy couple and how wonderful that they shared their tea with us. This is fabulous! Thank you! I'll be smiling all day! Happy Tea Day!

  4. She had such fantastic teacups and I love the display of all of them on the table. What a neat idea to celebrate their wedding.