Thursday, October 11, 2012

Shakespeare and Rusty Stuff!

Just back from points south with lots of fun pictures, memories and boxes and bags of antiques.  My friend Wendy and I escaped our complicated lives for a couple of days, saw some plays and did some antiquing ... it was a lovely respite for us both.

The Shakespeare Festival is held in Cedar City, a college town just three hours south of my home.  They do a full summer season with half a dozen plays, and an extended fall season of three.  I had attended in the summer for three days with my book club, but had missed Les Miserabs.  Wendy wanted to see it, and I wanted to see Hamlet, for my first time, so we struck a bargain.

These are paintings done by local artist, Richard Russell, of scenes from Shakespeare and hang in the lobby of the theater.  Lovely original paintings, but they run into the thousands, just a tad out of my reach, but I can still admire them, right?

On our way out of town, as well as spending part of both days, we managed to tuck in quite a bit of junking.  Above we are shown at a charming store, with a lovely proprietress.  The shop was clean, well organized and best of all, moderately priced. 

There they told us about Betty's Antiques, a couple of miles up the road. All of these outdoor pictures were taken there.  If you love rusty you would love Betty's, but if you love bargains, you might want to pass this one by.

Still I did love the photo ops, and Wendy found a few things to add to her collections and project lists.

Wendy and I always manage to have fun, whenever we are junquing, and this trip was no exception.  Of course the main events were the plays and they were both amazing, we also attended the play seminars which were vastly educational.  Thanks for coming along and sharing the fun!!


  1. Loved the pictures, and sounds like my kind of trip.

  2. Paula ~ sounds like you gals had an awesome trip. Just a tad envious of you two! LOL! You both look so cute in the pictures! I miss seeing Wendy! xo

  3. Sounds like a great time, I love that old rusty wagon.


  4. Hello Pollyanna,
    What a time you two had! I love the paintings and rusty wagon. That is a cute teacup in your hand too. Thank you for stopping by to join me for tea and have a lovely day.