Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Halloween Decor - 9/10 'Talking Head'

Ah yes, spooky 'talking' heads.  I found the skulls at the dollar store, you may recall I filled a cloche jar with them.  I am still getting comments on its spooky look as it serves as the center piece on my dining room table.
 I thought that this fellow looked great on a stand!  A little E6000, some propping to hold it in place for dry time, and what great spooky impact for little time and money.
I also wanted to share a couple of decoupage items that I made.  The tray and tall can were first spray painted black.  Then with great Halloween graphics from every one's favorite site, Graphics Fairy, I tricked them out!!

Then off they went to the Fallow Field Farm sale last weekend.  The tall can went home with Shirley, and I heard in a comment on a previous blog post that it is now sitting on her fireplace and is filled with Sun Flowers.  How perfect is that?

Here is the tin and tray at the sale ... note the pumpkins on candle sticks too.  I didn't have to attach them, as they sit in place just fine.  Still lovin' the look, and having fun decorating for Halloween!  


  1. Soooo spooky! Looks like fun at Fallow Fields Farm. Hope to get down your way soon. Mimi

  2. Looks great at the Fallow Fields Farm. We never have good things like this around here.


  3. I love your items! Great & spooky ideas :)