Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Historic House and Canned Ham Trailer too!!

I had an amazing opportunity today.  My friend Edie, had visited a childhood neighbor a few months back, and just knew I would LOVE his house. 

She made the arrangements for us to make a day trip to a small town a couple of hours south of my home in small town Utah.   She was absolutely right.  So many great details. I loved the tin ceilings finished to look like old copper.  He did a great job, using automotive paint, and completely fooled me.  I had assumed it was antique copper!!

I love the antique Victorian print above which hangs in thier bedroom size bath retreat, along with several 'pin up' girls and nudes ... a charming space, but a little R rated, so sorry no other sharing.  :-).

I love the color scheme of the parlor.  The blue walls set off the red transferware and ruby glass perfectly.  The sweet tea pot and tea cup on the shelf above, sitting on a lovely antique bit of lace, felt like a one person tea party.  I was charmed.

Lester's wife's collection of ruby colored Fenton was pretty amazing.  She owns many pieces I have never seen before, but this hurricane lamp is definitely the star of the show.

I really enjoyed this picture of an ancestor of Lester's wife, Mary.  Can't you just imagine her hosting that tea party?  Well there was no tea this time, but there was a lovely jar of peach/raspberry jam made by Lester.  He grows the raspberries, and works out a swap with a neighbor who brings in the peaches.  An unusual, but delicious combination!!  It will certainly be perfect for my tea table!!

I always love rustic out buildings, and was particularly impressed that neither of these came with the purchase of the property.  The one above, an old hay barn was dragged from a neighboring property, and the sheds to the right were built from salvage. 

He had a couple of these old looking rock walls that he had built himself.  Yes, a very talented man!!

Now Lester is all set to restore this old 40's trailer.  Imagine my delight when he took us inside and I found a tiny icebox all ready to use ... I asked him how often people stop and ask to buy it, and he said, pretty often.  He has already done a lot of work on it, and has more in the planning stages.  I just hope I get an invite back for a 'trailer warming'.  I know you would all love that!
Oh, and funny story.  Lester is about 3 years older than Edie, he was her brother's best friend.  One day, when Edie was about 6, and had waist length hair, he cut off one of her braids at the ear.  Whoa!!  They can laugh about it now, but boy was Edie's mom mad, not only at this neighbor boy, but also at Edie's brother Spencer, "Who should have stopped it from happening!!"  Don't you love old stories?  Me too!

Thanks Edie for an absolutely delightful afternoon!!


  1. I bet that trailer will be something when finished!

  2. An absolutely charming house and contents!

  3. I love little old houses in little old towns. My husband's family is from Scipio and I love to just wander around down there. Love that old trailer too. And happy birthday to adorable Lulu! Mimi