Monday, October 1, 2012

Its a Pennant Parade!

 At the Fallow Field Farm show  last weekend I adored all the pennant banners.  This one was made from the pages of old children's books.

This one was made from random magazine pages, tickets, game cards and book pages.  Love the look!

Above is a banner made by my friend Kelli.  I LOVED it ... bingo cards, Battenburg lace, Burlap and fabric triangles too!

Most of the banners were booth decor for the dealers, but these bright Halloween banners were for sale at 'This and That Creations - Vintage' by Christine Ishmael, and were very popular among customers!

Above, In Cathie's booth, the pennants are made from an old quilt with vintage pom pom trim, and it was also for sale.  To the left the pennants were just raw cut burlap.

This banner is simply muslin.

Some dealers used banner to announce their business names, like my friend Jenn above who used round chalk board blanks. 

I also had a banner with my business name, which is shown above with Shirley and her daughter.  Shirley is a very talented blogger, she has a charming wit, and is great at finding vintage illustrations that will also charm you.  AND, I am happy to say, she is one of my favorite blog followers!  
Abode's booth even had a pseudo banner made with hankies clipped to a tissue garland!

All of the fun and colorful pennant banners really made the show feel festive ... it felt like a party! And seriously, when 100's of women who love funk, junk and vintage get together, what else do you call it, but a party!  Now I am just looking forward to partying again next year!!


  1. Love them! What a great idea to gather them all together in your post this morning.

  2. That was the most adorable craft fair. I loved the setting and wanted to take photos of some of the decor...but like a loon...I forgot to put the memory card back in my camera. Thanks for the cool Halloween's now on my fireplace filled with sunflowers. I treasure the items made by my favorite bloggers...and thanks for saying I was one of your favorite followers! =D