Saturday, October 13, 2012

More Halloween Decor Fun

Had fun to night enjoying the charming Halloween displays at my niece's house, as we celebrated her father's birthday.  Love, love, loved the wreath on her door!

This great painting was done of her two girls, by a local artist.  So very sweet!!

 Every nook and cranny had festive details tucked in side, what a fun place to grow up!!

And I was so amazed at her fun seasonal decor, I forgot to take pictures of my brother and siblings ... silly me!!

Happy Halloween,  and just remember that witch's are the best spellers!!


  1. Sooo cute! Love all her Halloween decor. Do you know who the artist is for that adorable portrait? I love it and have been thinking about doing something similar with all the grandkids in it. Mimi

  2. I have been reading your blog daily for a few weeks now... you have the most wonderful posts, and I love these pictures of your niece's house... she is as creative as you!

  3. Great halloween decor! The painting of her daughters is wonderful!!

  4. Love your Halloween touches. The two wreathes are very cute.