Friday, July 11, 2014

Alice in Wonderland Card Banner

 On my Mad Hatter's tea party blog post, I had a a request for a tutorial on the cute Alice Card Banner, but since it was a gift, and I am against copying the designs of others, I went out on the Internet and gathered some public domain images of  basic playing cards, and very old Alice illustrations that have fallen out of copy right.  If you saw that post you may recognize them as uncolored versions of some of the same. So here they are copyright free, just for you!

 I am including my photo shopped version of the cards.  If you liked the colored ones on the other banner, feel free to color these yourself, after printing them off, of course.

This 'Alice' putting on a crown seemed like the perfect selection for the Alice Queen Card.

Of course, who else would be the Queen of Hearts, but the old girl herself!? "Off with their heads!"

 The rabbit in his court crier outfit demanded he be of the hearts suite, and since I was doing Kings and Queens, he received a promotion.  Though really, it seems to me that the Queen of Hearts would have a smaller and fidgety sort of person for a spouse, so Mr. Rabbit fills the bill!

 Then last of our four card suite is the star of the Tea Party!!  We all love the Mad Hatter, so it seems only fitting he be made King!

Have fun making your own version of the Alice Banner!

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