Monday, July 28, 2014

Vintage Antique Mall Booth Display's a Winner!

 For my junk retailing friends, I thought I would share pictures I took of Cathie's booth last week.

Cathie, a very talented display artist, moved from Treasures Antiques in Springville, where I work, to Vine Street Antiques in Murray, which is run by another former Treasures dealer, Rusty.

 I have always enjoyed Cathie's knack for displaying vintage goodies, and her new booth at Vine Street Antiques is no exception!

She has some extraordinary display pieces, like the awesome cubbies above.  No matter how she arranges it, its always a visual winner!

How fun is this lunch box turned bird house?

If you are local be sure to drop by and check out all her fun displays, you just might find something that needs to go home with you too!

Congrats on your new, and closer to home, booth space Cathie, its a real winner!!

BTW this is the same mall that houses my friend Marci's amazing steam punk goodies.  I took a few pics of her booth as well, and hope to be sharing those soon too!

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  1. Paula thanks SO much for posting about my booth!! Love your photos and it was great to see you. Congrats on doing such a fantastic job on your blog! . . . cathie