Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Mad Hatter's Tea Party

Our Mad Hatter's Tea Party was a grand success.  Everyone brought some finger food, old traditional foods for tea, like toast, cream puffs, clotted cream, marmalade, cucumber sandwiches and lemon curd.  

 Here are the girls at the tea cart, everyone but Alice wore a minimal costume, tiny crowns for the queens, rabbit ears, a top hat or spinning top beanies .  

 The sun was bright and very hot ... but I had opted for my side lawn instead of my shady front yard, just so we could eat by the garden house, it seems so whimsical to me.

Love this picture of the white queen licking her pinkies.  She's adorable!!

 As a service group, we always start our luncheon days with a couple of hours of charity work.  This time, we made ornaments for the Alice in Wonderland Christmas tree we are doing for the Primary Children's hospital fund raiser, The Festival of Trees.
The 'drink me' bottles were fun to make, and we finished several.

We also got lots and lots of fan folded paper done, to frame the red tart tins with the paper clocks in the middle.  Next month will be another work day for our tree.  We really managed to get into the mood of Alice in Wonderland with our Mad Hatter's Tea.  This may be our favorite Christmas Tree so far!! (It will be our fourth)

I know, it just keeps getting curiouser and curiouser!!


  1. I have never been to the Festival of Trees...I would love to go just to see this youngest daughter Sascha loves all things Alice!

    1. You really should go, Shirley, the place is absolutely magical, and its all for such a good cause. Please tell me what you think!!

  2. What a wonderful tea! I love Alice in Wonderland. Looks like y'all had a ball!



  3. Love the playing cards. Are you doing a tutorial by any chance?