Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Liz (es) at Flea.o.logy

 So here is the promised post about Liz, and her compatriots...  Here we see Liz doing some of her amazing face painting.  She is absolutely the best face painter I have ever seen, so its always fun to see her creations when she comes to flea.o.logy, this is her third year!

Liz has always been the only Liz on staff here at flea.o.logy, so when I was signing up ten new dealers this year, and it appeared that three of them were named Liz, I was sure I had double booked someone.  I checked over all my info about them, including multiple emails, texts and fb messages, and found what I thought was the duplication.  Two of them had some common element, not sure what it was, but it was enough for me to meld them all into just two Lizes on our dealer map ... I was thus very surprised when dealer Liz number three showed up.

Fortunately we had not sold all our spaces, and I was able to show her to a space for set up.

 With 38 dealers at this show, you can see we literally fill my entire yard with dealers spots, and the fact that we have never had a dealer named Liz, in the nine years we have been doing this is interesting, but not as interesting as the fact that the first time we do have a Liz, we had three ...

... and with our face painter extraordinaire, it was fun to get them all together for a photo op, at this Lizzie's booth.  She makes baby moccasins, that are adorable, in fact I have a pair winging their way to Texas for my grandson Liam, even as we speak ... well, even as I write. The other two Lizes are straight up vintage dealers like me.

It was fun to talk about all the Elizabeth nick names there are out there.  Here are the ones I remember,
Liz, Lizzie, Beth, Betsy, Betty, Liz-Bet (What Queen Elizabeth's father called her growing up) Liza and Eliza.  Have you heard of others?  Since Jane Austen is my favorite author, and her favorite character was Elizabeth Bennett, its sort of surprising that I never named one of my daughter Elizabeth ... but it looks like plenty of other mothers did.

So mother's of Elizabeth's where did you find the name?

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