Thursday, July 3, 2014

Fairy Garden Fun!

 I've been promising my granddaughter that we would make an outdoor fairy garden for over a month.  When I redid my miniature indoor garden last week, she was worried I had forgotten her.

She was so excited to come to Grandma's for an evening of gardening and a sleep over.  She is such a soul mate (After dinner we sat in my craft room and made sculpy fairies for the garden, and she said, "Grandma, someday I want a craft room just like this!)

Using an old fountain bowl on top of the stump of the catalpa we chopped down last fall seem like the perfect camouflage.
Eva loved how the garden turned  out, and said, "Grandma, if this was a contest I think we would win, don't you?"  Then when I posted it to Instagram, and showed her others that came up under the hash tag #fairygarden, she was disappointed that she found one she like even better than ours!

 I think she really loved the gardening gloves and water can I got for her for the occasion, and is so excited to get to take them home! ("I think I will make a fairy garden at my house, Grandma!")
What a super fun project .... I love it when it works our just like you planned it, don't you?


  1. That is so cute Paula and so is she! (*_*)

  2. Fairy gardening is fun and so is that cute little fairy watering the garden! Great idea to use the stump for the base! Thanks for sharing with SYC Paula.

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