Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Glass Garden Whimsy Totem with Birds!

 I recently read an article in a magazine about gathered glass garden whimsies.  When I looked them up on Pinterest I found them listed as garden totems.  Of course, I thought they were charming and decided to 'shop' my booths at Treasures Antiques for some likely elements.
 Then, when I got home, having chosen some pretty robin's egg blue glass ware, and a couple of bird theme items, I thought that tucking my real live robin's nest with eggs into the structure would be perfect.
Fortunately, I have the perfect 'dome', really it was my English Trifle dish, but since it always took too much trifle to fill it, and I had since moved to a smaller dish ...  I also needed to gather a few other things from home to comlete the stack.

I then spent the evening using E6000 to glue my whimsical totem together in sub sections, shown above.

Then the next day, I grabbed the Americana (sometimes called cubist) punch bowl to serve as the base.  Then last of all, I carried the sections out one at a time, and glued them together in place. The sculpture is four feet tall.

This orphaned butter dish lid, which I have had for sale at the mall for about 6 years, has finally found a happy home...

and this sweet little bird salt shaker gets to be the crowning glory of the menage!

I even get a peek at my garden whimsy-totem while sitting in my garden house!!  So fun!

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