Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Vintage Vendors Party Harder!

 If there is anything more fun than a large party where everyone has the same interest, I'd be hard pressed to name it ...

In the case of this party, a whole yard full of antique and vintage dealers who have come together to eat delicious food, play games and tease each other about being hoarders was apparently the perfect set up for fun.

Jenn, of  3 Daughters Vintage, and Cathie of Fleattitude fame, combined their talents for this fun event.

Jenn is the director of  the newest vintage show in Utah County at the Pleasant Grove Rec Center on October 11th. Since she has managed at this venue with Fleattitude in the past, she will have many, if not all, of those dealers returning for her debut!!

 Cathie, the proprietor of Fleattitude will be taking her show to the Salt Lake Fair Park, in Rose Park, and her first event there will be  November 15th!  Its a lovely venue, as all of you who have been to Vintage Whites there already know!

Of course Jenn and Cathie will be hosting one more Fleattitude at the Pleasant Grove Rec Center on August 9th!

Jenn, did the fun decorating, as she has the last two years for Vintage Whites when they've come to town. She is so talented, I always love to see how she puts things together in fun and unexpected ways...

... and really, what antique cement water carrying maiden doesn't deserve a few giant Poms once in a while!

 Here are a few fun vendors, some of whom do flea.o.logy regularly, and Vintage Whites, and even Farm Chicks!!

The father of the '3 dotters', does the masterful grilling while one of the a fore mentioned 3 shows off her tongue and her bright green cast!  (She's a talented dancer!)

Here Cathie looks on, while Jenn announces the festivities for the evening.

After dinner we all gathered in a circle on the grass and played 'the white elephant game' ... (its not just for Christmas anymore!) with a twist.  All items had to be at least vintage, and had to have cost the buyer less than $5 ...  The croquet set was the most 'stolen' item ... and  I love that Jaqueline, whose dress pattern is picture frames, nabbed a stack of frames!  She didn't get to keep them, however, but there were lots of laughs and the groans that always go with this particular game!

Thanks Cathie and Jenn for a great party!!


  1. Wonderful post, Paula! So happy you could come, and love seeing all these photos of people we love. Hugs to you!! Cathie