Monday, July 21, 2014

Trash to Treasure - Pump Organ to Desk

 I just wanted to share the desk that my husband and I made from an old organ I got at a local thrift store recently.
 Here is the good man unscrewing dozens of screws, I actually pitched in and unscrewed a few myself.
 At this point the main guts were out, and he is working on taking out the bellows, just above the pedals.  Then last of all, off came the pedals!
 He built in a desk top made from antique oak table leaves, and the doors below are also made from an antique table leaf.  The drawers and cubbies are new wood.  We loved the idea of using a few of the organ stops for the handels on the drawers and doors, just as a nod to its heritage. Then I, of course, did the painting.

... and here it if for sale at Treasure's Antique Mall.  

The good man told me not to bring home another organ for at least a year, he said he needs time to forgot.

I am posting this to Miss Mustards Seeds, Furniture Friday

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