Thursday, August 30, 2012

Altered Couture Christening Dress

This is the christening dress I made this week.  My daughter wanted to use meaningful elements and managed to gather some fabric and trims that have special meanings for her.

Above are the elements before they became part of the dress.  The fabric is from my daughter's high school graduation gown (Her college graduation gown was blue), it is a light weight synthetic crepe.  The lacy baby dress to the left, is the one my daughter was blessed in 26 years ago, I used a piece of the white ribbon from it for a bow on the bodice of the new blessing dress.  The pearl buttons shown above on the green bag were donated by her mother-in-law and are from her wedding dress.  She also purchased some lace and lace/pearl trim.

 This is the back view of the dress.
Well, it was a fun reinvention!! Or should I call it upstyled ... or perhaps 'altered couture'.  Whatever we call it, I am sure it will be adorable on our sweet baby girl!


  1. You've created a new heirloom christening gown with history behind it. It's just beautiful!

  2. Never, ever thought of this. I revamp tons of stuff for little outfits all the time, but this is so meaningful!

  3. I love it! Such a great idea! I'm now thinking about my wedding dress and what could be done with it. You are inspiring! Mimi

  4. That is a sweet dress and such a lovely idea!

  5. What a special hierloom for the baby!! Beautiful job!